Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions: Necronominus - Bishop (Horse) 6" Scale Action Figure

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The mighty steed known as Bishop was born lame in the stables of the Heavensbrand family. Set to be put out of its misery, a young Gideon pleaded that the foal be given a chance. The stablemaster told the boy he could pray that night, but come morning the horse would need to be put down. Gideon stayed by the white horse’s side that evening, praying continually until sleep overtook him. When he awoke, the horse was miraculously cured, and it was deemed that the healing touch of Eathyron himself could be seen in this miracle. Since that time, Sir Gideon and Bishop have been inseparable. They ride into battle as one, their hearts pure and true, for they know that faith has the power to turn away even death.

Set includes:

  • Bishop figure
  • Lance
  • Mane part