The Rewarding Journey

Like, Share, Follow... Things you do every 3.27 minutes on daily basis on various social media platforms, why not turn them into cold hard Galaxy Dollar!
When visiting our website, find the new "Rewards" button in the bottom right corner of your screen. It looks like this.
Click the icon (not the one above, but the real one in the bottom right corner of your screen) and launch yourself into the ever rewarding Rewarding Journey! As always, we keep the rule simple and the rewards meaningful.
  • Like on Facebook - 20 Galaxy Dollar
  • Share on Facebook - 5 Galaxy Dollar
  • Follow on Twitter - 25 Galaxy Dollar
  • Share on Twitter - 5 Galaxy Dollar
  • Follow on Instagram - 25 Galaxy Dollar
  • Signup - 25 Galaxy Dollar
  • Celebrate a birthday - 25 Galaxy Dollar (issued automatically on birthday)
  • Refer a friend (referring oneself will be invalid)
    • Award given to advocate - coupon for $5.00 off
    • Award given to friend - coupon for $10.00 off

Every 5 Galaxy Dollars can be redeemed into one solid store credit!! The credit will be applied automatically when you place a new order with us.

We appreciate your support!