Factory Entertainment Star Trek: The Next Generation Type-2 "Dust Buster" Phaser Prop Replica Limited Edition

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Factory Entertainment proudly presents the latest entry in this prolific line of high-end, officially licensed, limited edition prop replicas - the Star Trek: The Next Generation Type-2 'Dust Buster' Phaser!

As seen in the iconic TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Type-2 Phasers were issued to Starfleet personnel during the early 2360’s and are larger and more powerful than Type-1 Phasers. Unofficially referred to by production as ‘The Dust Buster,’ they were intentionally designed to be sleek, free-flowing, and less pistol-like than previous prop Starfleet weapon iterations.

Many different Dust Buster Phaser props were made, and they ranged from fairly primitive non-functioning ‘stunt’ props to more elaborate ‘hero’ props featuring functioning electronics. Featuring an impressively heavy all metal body, this replica has been designed to capture the best elements from all variants in a single blended execution and incorporate a variety of electronic light and sound features designed to simulate the special effects as seen on screen.

Each numbered, limited edition, museum-quality replica comes with a wooden presentation case, metal plaque and certificate of authenticity. With only 1500 replicas made, be sure to order yours today!

Product size: 3.5" H (88.9mm) x 6.25" W (158.75mm) x 11" L (279.4mm)