Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Agent Venom (Spider-Man) 1/12 Scale Action Figure

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From the world of "Spider-Man," a new hero who has inherited the symbiote of that Venom is now appearing in Kaiyodo's Amazing Yamaguchi lineup!

Flash Thompson, a young man who was once Peter Parker's high school classmate, went from being a former bully to a close friend. After losing both legs during military service, he was recognized for his heroic actions on the battlefield and his compatibility with the symbiote. Under government supervision, he embarked on a new life as the hero "Agent Venom."

This figure brings to life his transformed appearance where the protector and symbiote integrate, and the lost legs are replaced by the symbiote, all in line with the comic's imagery. The figure features an aggressive silhouette with sharp spiked protectors and intricate surface details covered by the symbiote.

His robust physique, honed from his days as a high school football player, comes equipped with unique articulation mechanics by Yamaguchi Katsuhisa, delivering a body that reflects the comic's dynamic lines with flexibility in action. Furthermore, expressing his distinctive battle style of wielding the symbiote while being skilled in firearms from his military experience is made possible through interchangeable tentacle parts and numerous firearms.

In addition to web-shooting parts for his hands, you can enjoy various combat styles with the symbiote's extending tentacles, such as using the four handguns with Flash's human hands simultaneously with the tentacles on his back!

The silver-rimmed goggles section is interchangeable. In addition to the normal expression, you can switch between four expressions, including one with narrowed eyes, one with wide-open eyes, and one with glowing green eyes.

As befitting a military agent, numerous holsters for four handguns and ammunition pouches are included. You can freely attach them to the belt around the waist and thighs. Muzzle flash effects can also be attached to the gun's muzzle, increasing the intensity of shooting action!

Set includes:

  • Optional eyes x 6
  • Optional hands x 8
  • Handgun grip and holster set x 4
  • Ammo pouch x 4
  • Vulcan bazooka x 1
  • Handgun x 4
  • Symbiote tentacle parts x 16
  • Muzzle flash effect x 4
  • Symbiote Weapon x 1
  • Web x 2
  • Display stand x 1

Size: Approximately 170mm in height

Material: Painted PVC & ABS complete product