VeryCool Cyberpunk Series Trickybaby 12 - Rainbow 1/6 Scale Action Figure Deluxe Edition VCF-2060B

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Parts List:

-Head sculpture with planted hair (silver)
-VC 3.0 big chest female body (Soft chest)
-Red cape
-Length sleeve jacket
-Tight pants
-Multifunctional skirt
-Handcrafted shoes
-Chest pack vest
-NIKE Towel curtain
-Blue short TANG DAO
-Knife sheath
-Gloved hand:Natural hand(1 pair)、Holding hand(1 pair)、Fist hand(1 pair)、gun holding right hand
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun(provided by DAM)
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG Sight
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG CrossHair
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun T1 Red dot
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun 30R Mag
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun BCM Guide handgrip
-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun RAIL*3
-Mechanical Mask
-Mechanical eye mask
-Mechanical earphone